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Use And Care Outdoor Advertising Display To Pay Attention To What Aspects
Jun 02, 2017

Large outdoor advertising display penetration rate in the city is very high, large commercial street will always appear its shadow. This outdoor display with the dissemination of information for businesses to do publicity large "billboards" role, but also has the function of decorative city. How to maintain large-scale outdoor advertising display long bright and beautiful?

Use the outdoor advertising display to pay attention to whether it has access to smooth. Therefore, when using the display screen must pay attention to is that it is connected to the power supply when the ground connection is stable, while maintaining the stability of the power supply. For large-scale advertising display, due to the reasons for the screen frequency conversion, so each piece of integrated area generated by the voltage difference, if the power supply is very easy to damage the display screen and affect life.

For outdoor advertising display of the daily maintenance, the most need to pay attention to the place is the internal parts of the screen whether the water into the water. Because the requirements of the LED display environment is relatively high, in the high voltage of the working environment, the water into the screen body is likely to lead to short circuit circuit caused by part of the circuit damage, and some can cause fire and other accidents. Therefore, in the stormy weather, it is best not to turn on the display of the power, and wait for the weather improved after a day or two to ensure that the internal parts dry and transparent. At the same time, the advertising display for the surrounding environment is also relatively high, more dusty environment will cause corrosion of internal parts or line blockage, damage to the circuit board. If the metal powder into the more prone to magnetic adhesion, the daily work of the circuit board is also a major damage.

Outdoor advertising display decorative city bustling, back to the masses to bring the latest information. Outdoor advertising display offer is not high, enjoy the display to bring us the fun, but also always concerned about its health, after all, each outdoor advertising display for the user is a rare propaganda tool. Therefore, the user should be more concerned about their own display, to prevent unnecessary damage or even accident.

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