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Small Space Is The Way Is Blocked By Your Own
May 06, 2016

LED display industry is national support of industries, with technology of being perfect and market needs expanded, many manufacturers are tries to points have a cup soup, blind expansion is led to has capacity excess, a large number of with quality of and fake products full with market, this not only led to has resources waste, more raised has LED industry new a round of price war, LED display industry competition once intensified, for the big screen enterprises are in sought in market. In the past year, two major companies has been schooled, many crazy into the small space market, this booming market where no glory, has been started to dull, from 2014, more than twice the growth rate to decline to less than 40%. Assume that this road was blocked and LED companies really have no place to go now? In fact, technological advances, opportunities in a Flash. Lumpy and small space but will limit development possibilities, LED business looking to embrace more opportunities for development.

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