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"Shen Winter Olympics", "Thirteen-Five", "along The Way" LED Display For A New Opportunity
May 06, 2016

On July 31, 2015 in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 128th plenary meeting of the IOC, International Olympic Committee President Bach announced: awarded the 2022 hosting the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Since then, Beijing has made history, becoming the first city where the hosting of the summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. Data show that the 2022 Winter Olympics 3-building the Olympic village, enabling 12 venues, 3 of which are in need of renewal. Publicly available information indicates that only include venues and non-competition venue for the venue construction budget to $ 1.51 billion. With the reconstruction of the stadium, all the major venues inside and outside the exhibition area will also need to purchase the corresponding LED display products. Excellent brightness, color application, longevity, flexibility and other advantages, LED display in the construction of Olympic venues will assume the primary role, this will create great opportunities for national brands LED companies.

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