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Point-by-point Correction System LED Display Two Kinds Of Applications
May 06, 2016

By points school is a items for upgrade LED display bright uniform degrees and color insurance really degrees of technology, that through on LED display Shang of each pixel (or each a color child pixel) regional of brightness (and chroma) data for collection, to out each color child pixel of correction coefficient or each pixel of correction coefficient matrix, will its feedback to display of control system, by control system application correction coefficient, achieved on each pixel (or each a color child pixel) of differences sex drive, LED display screen pure and delicate, colors get restored. Point-by-point correction system for specific applications are divided into two types: single box point-by-point correction, adjustment for case-by-case on the production line, guarantee each box factory to achieve a high degree of uniformity of screen calibration point by point, in the large screen display the scene select a suitable place to observe on-site calibration, ensure that display in the field position to achieve a high degree of uniformity;

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