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LED Industry "bad-mouthed On The" Hot Behind
May 06, 2016

A few days ago, on a media reception, CCTV reporters were invited to attend. During the meeting, at the meeting, the head of hype LED business is struggling, thousands of businesses have closed down last year, the industry is at stake. Righteously CCTV boys listened to "brick house" after a talk immediately, determined to keep the "crisis" exposed to the public, and the "LED failures topic" came out, attended the event with many of the businesses interviewed innocent lie.As the uncrowned king of media, journalism should have an objective and impartial, from only one leaf broken global unilaterally or solely to conclude that an industry, whether biased? as a media prefix, should stay away from more superficial gimmicks, just and reasonable to interpret the truth? next we provide you restored the actual LED industry.

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