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LED Electronic Screen Virtual Technology Can Increase The Display Resolution Of About Four Times
Mar 20, 2017

Virtual LED electronic screen is the corresponding, in simple terms, the real pixel screen refers to the composition of the led electronic screen red, green and blue three kinds of LED tube in each of the light only to participate in a pixel imaging use to get enough brightness. Common P16 virtual led electronic screen, PH20 virtual led electronic screen, and virtual P25led electronic screen. Virtual screen is the use of software algorithms to control each color of the luminous tube eventually participate in the imaging of multiple adjacent pixels which, so that with less lamp to achieve greater resolution, can make the display resolution of about four times.

As we all know, LED electronic screen which is the largest cost of the lamp, how to lose the brightness of the case for the user to save lamp costs, is one of the goals of technology to show. And virtual technology is a development direction. The virtual technology is not simply a simple participation in the lamp imaging, for the brightness, the impact of gray is also very large. This requires the control system and the driver chip with the use of software algorithms and driver chip response time combined to achieve the basic lossless brightness under the premise of saving lamp cost purposes.

The following are the same as the.

Generally speaking, the indoor is less than P8, the outdoor is less than the P12 is not virtual led electronic screen, and only have enough space to separate the two red lights in order to achieve virtual led electronic screen. 1R1G1B can not be made into a virtual screen.

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