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Large-data-digital Transformation And Upgrading Of Power Enterprises
May 06, 2016

With the popularity of the Internet, we entered an age of big data. Today, the "big data +" has penetrated into almost all industries, and the LED display industry also needs to be equipped with large momentum, to achieve a new round of restructuring and upgrading. Step into the age of big data, complex information, corporate migration to the cloud is the general trend. At present, although the LED industry has a number of companies to build their own cloud platform, based on different sources of data management, processing, analysis and optimization, then feedback the results to the above application will create great economic and social value. But until recently, LED screens and enterprises the ability to share data is not a high market share, it is understood that the Taiwan cloud computing market is still in its infancy, cakes in the market is becoming more and more attractive, therefore, LED enterprises need to accelerate the building up and seize market opportunities.

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