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Government Power Control Light Pollution Of Outdoor LED Display Screen Where
May 06, 2016

Recently, the Shenzhen City, Shenzhen City Administration publicity of the outdoor LED display sets special planning (hereinafter the plan), on November 5 to December 5 open for public views. Planning provides, from function and landscape two a angle measure Outdoor LED display of set, achieved by regional function features and landscape features for management, planning will Outdoor LED display set delineation for ban set district, and control set district and moderate set district, and on different set district within display of maximum brightness, and opened time, made strictly control, requirements display most late 23 o'clock on must close. This news came out, rapidly on the Internet fever, and supported, also has opposed an across-the-Board, is controversial. According to statistics, in Shenzhen City, the area is larger than the area of 10 square meters of outdoor LED displays a total of 335, and many of them are located in crowded areas or roads, to a certain extent affected the people's normal life and work. Especially the outdoor LED display setting beside the roads, not only produces light pollution, safety hazards which may trigger more.

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