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Explore The New Development Of LED Display Industry In The Future
Apr 01, 2017

      As an important branch of the LED industry, China led display industry after more than 20 years of 

development, has grown to become the most mature application of a market segment. From single to 

double color to full color, from outdoor to indoor, from high to intelligent ... ... the market led a higher 

demand for the display, but also for the led display industry into a new development opportunities.

Innovation is the eternal power to promote industrial development. Today, the ever-changing display 

technology is gradually changing the way of life and communication of human society, small spacing, 

naked eye 3d, microled ... ... and other innovative technology after another, to promote the continuous

development of the LED display industry and transformation and upgrading.

     Led industry continued to grow and grow, need more new products and new technologies to support, 

but also need to drive innovative thinking, thinking innovation can make our behavior to create greater 

value. Cross-border, mergers and acquisitions, business models continue to impact the transformation 

of the existing industrial structure, "led display +" to become a new era of hot words.

Looking at today's led display industry, the situation will be, unpredictable. Product innovation, cutting 

edge technology, cross-border integration, M & A, new marketing model, innovation, change, upgrade,

change everywhere.

     New direction · Nuggets led display innovative applications

At present, led display in outdoor advertising, stage rental and other traditional application industry 

development has been more mature, but the competition is also very intense. In order to open the new

 blue ocean market, broaden the scope of application led display, and led the display technology with 

the upgrade and point spacing narrow, many companies began to look at the new application areas.

Today, in the wisdom of the city, a large number of outdoor window kiosks, lcd screen will be replaced 

by a small distance led, combined with a strong integrated management platform can be achieved: 

advertising remote real-time update, paperless media, in the bus system to achieve road traffic Release,

 vehicle outbound, arrival, fault information; in the public safety system to achieve: rapid emergency 

treatment, timely evacuation of people, maintaining social stability.

      Second, in the indoor security monitoring, command and scheduling, high-end conference room is also

 a huge market potential, the traditional display technology lcd, dlp, projection fusion technology to 

varying degrees, there are patchwork, vulnerable to ambient light, low brightness, color brightness 

Inconsistent, high power consumption, low life and many other drawbacks. And led a small pitch with 

no patchwork, low light, high refresh rate, full refresh, brightness automatically adapt to the environment 

and many other advantages, both to meet the high-end industry application display needs, but also in 

line with the wisdom of the city under a highly integrated, digital Social development trend.

       In addition, led display is now in the community media, hotel meetings, theater systems have more and

 more widely used. Such as community led display by the central platform software through the 3g 

broadband wireless network synchronization network, not only real-time rolling broadcast weather, 

urban emergency information, public service ads, commercial advertising, life services and other 

community life information, to provide residents with convenient Wise safe community provides 

strong protection. At the same time as a high-quality groups with the seamless coverage of the 

advantages of commercial publicity and information services as a high-quality form of transmission, 

making it a new point of view of outdoor advertising network advertising.

       New model change lead led display mode innovation

Nowadays, from the outdoor display products to the indoor small range of products continue to 

progress, led display as the carrier of the enterprise has opened up a new application model and 

application areas, and led display industry has brought new development Opportunity. But at the 

same time, led display industry has entered the "mature period." Price fight and industry reshuffle 

to become the new normal. Compared to some busy playing the "price war", another way to innovative

 marketing thinking and business model breakout "Red Sea" market is an effective way.

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