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What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of The LED Display?
Aug 05, 2017

Today, a wide variety of LED display, the price war gradually filled the increasingly fierce competition, the manufacturers even offer the same product is not the same. In fact, familiar with the LED display industry people know that there are many factors that control the LED display price: such as display specifications, material system supporting factors and construction factors, and so on, and both are the price determinants. Why do these factors affect the price of the display?

First, the specifications on the impact of LED display prices: here only that conventional products, from the color LED display can be divided into monochrome, color, full color, from the use of the environment can be divided into indoor, outdoor semi-outdoor A variety of specifications led screen prices are not the same, the indoor full color is also sub-paste full color, surface paste triple play, dot matrix full color, outdoor full color is divided into 1R1G1B (generally high density, Such as: PH10, PH12), 2R1G1B (usually high density, such as PH16, PH20, etc.). The same time as

Second, the material on the impact of LED display prices: materials from the big class up points can be divided into imported materials and domestic materials. To light-emitting chip, the import source: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, there are also some domestic chips. Each light-emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. US and Japanese chips, because it has been holding the core technology, in the context of similar monopoly, the United States, Japan chip prices remain high. Taiwan and mainland chip prices are relatively cheap, but its performance compared to the United States, Japan chips, or a certain gap. If the LED display is used in the more important occasions, we recommend the use of imported materials is better; in addition to LED chips, the other impact on the LED display price is the main factor LED driver IC, but if I was a customer I would prefer to compare Good driver IC, because it is a little higher price, but the driver IC is the impact of LES display quality and life of the very important factor, do full-color LED display time must use constant voltage constant current driver IC; other aspects Materials such as power supplies, cabinets, and various accessories for making displays. The same time as

Third, the main supporting system on the impact of LED display prices: 1, the system accessories: send cards, receiving cards, adapter; 2, playback system: control computer, multimedia card or video card, play software; 3, editing system: Computer, video compression card, editing software; 4, monitoring system: sensor + monitoring software; 5, protection system: cooling system, power distribution system, lightning protection system; 6, sound system: amplifier + speaker; 7, video input device: DVD / VCD machine, video recorder, closed circuit television; 8, graphic input: scanner, digital camera. The above accessories and equipment in addition to system accessories and playback system, the other are optional equipment. Due to brand and procurement channels and other factors affect the price of its LED display naturally different. The same time as

Fourth, the construction factors on the impact of LED display prices: the installation site, installation, screen size, frame structure selection and other factors, LED display project prices will certainly have a big difference, in particular the production of LED outdoor billboards , Affected by the construction environment, the project price difference is very large. The same time as

Fifth, other factors: payment methods, tax rates, mode of transport, manufacturers themselves factors determine the LED display offer

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