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Diffusion Of LED Lighting
May 06, 2016

LED lighting this year city condition price war hot, in brand factory set off promotions post-war one-time drop foot, LED industry who assessment future again drop space limited, price quickly reached sweet points Hou, this year will is LED accelerated replaced energy-saving lamp of key years, follow-up lighting brand will gradually launched promotions pulled shipping; photoelectric Association into will (PIDA) senior industry analysis Division Lv Shaoxu said, LED price fell stimulus sales, conducive to package factory output growth. LED lighting market under the brand actively launched shocking prices, is expected to grow sharply this year, the Chairman said, prices of LED lighting is a steady decline in previous years, but when the supply chain in China this year, help the brand factory effectively reduce the price objective of increased energy-saving lighting, exit lighting, CFL sales drop down 10% a year in previous years, will decline this year by 30%.

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