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2017 LED Display Industry Development Of The New Changes
May 20, 2017

With the upgrading of technology and technological progress, led display industry has also been developed by leaps and bounds, all kinds of LED display technology and products after another. So, 2017 led display industry will appear what new changes?


First, a small distance led display popular outdoor go hand in hand

With high-definition quality, seamless splicing of the small distance led display is a trend in the development of the market, with its core integrated solution is to bring great changes to the entire industry. In recent years, the major exhibitions can almost see the small distance led display of the figure, and as many manufacturers show the highlight. In this process, we can clearly see the current industry, the gap between the level of technology has increased significantly, both the display or the product to the user experience has been greatly improved.

Second, transparent led display industry to lead the development of new trends

In recent years, we can see, transparent led display is gradually rising, its high permeability, translucent perspective display and glass curtain wall can be described as a hit it off, once launched by the market sought after and favorite. Ola Lei as the representative of the major transparent led display manufacturers have increased investment in this area, and in 2016 made a lot of money achievements.

Third, LED rental screen more and more fire

The development of the entertainment market and the development of LED rental screen is closely related to the 2016 performing arts entertainment major activities continue to drive economic development at the same time, led display rental market also flourished. The major LED rental screen manufacturers are also product safety, stability and ease of installation and maintenance done a lot of efforts, LED rental screen more and more fire.

Fourth, "custom" into a new direction for the development of the industry

As we all know, in recent years, the industry's customized products and programs are increasingly welcomed by the market. In 2017, this market trend is more obvious performance, whether it is upstream packaging, peripheral manufacturers (chips, power supply, control manufacturers, etc.) or downstream terminal screen enterprises, they carry almost all products with "customization "Color, it is easy to see the current industry" conventional "products have become increasingly unafford," custom "products are gradually becoming the market" darling. "

In summary, with the rapid development of LED technology, small distance led display and LED transparent screen also began to widely used in various fields. In the increasingly fierce market competition in the domestic market environment, many manufacturers have to expand its international market, and pay more attention to brand marketing and product innovation and research and development capabilities. I believe the future led display industry will show a "flourishing, a hundred schools of thought" good situation.

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