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What is the LED display
Nov 24, 2016

LED display (LED display): a flat panel display, by a small LED module panel.

LED, light emitting diode. It is a diode made by controlling the display of a semiconductor light-emitting diode and made of a compound of gallium (Ga) and arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N) and indium (In) Composite radiation can be visible light, which can be used to make light-emitting diodes. In the circuit and instrument as an indicator, or the composition of text or digital display. Phosphorus arsenide gallium diodes red light, gallium phosphide diode hair green, silicon carbide diodes yellow, indium gallium nitrogen diode blue light.

LED display is generally used to display text, images, video, video signals and other information.

LED light-emitting color and luminous efficiency and the production of LED materials and processes related to the beginning of the ball all the blue light, and then coupled with phosphor, according to the different needs of users, adjust the different light color, the widely used red , Green, blue, yellow four. As the LED operating voltage is low (only 1.2 ~ 4.0V), can take the initiative to shine and have a certain brightness, brightness and voltage (or current) regulation itself is resistant to shock, vibration, long life (100,000 hours) Large-scale display devices, there is no other way to display and LED display match.


The red and green LED chip or tube together as a pixel display is called tri-color or dual-color screen, the red, green and blue LED chips or tubes together as a pixel display Screen called three-color screen or full-color screen. If only one color is called monochrome or single color screen, the production of indoor LED screen pixel size is generally 1.5-12 mm, often used to produce several different colors of the LED die package into one, the outdoor LED screen pixels The size of mostly 6-41.5 mm, each pixel consists of a number of various single-color LED, the common finished product called pixel tube, two-color pixel tube is generally composed of 2 red 1 green, three-color pixel tube with a red 1 Green 1 blue composition.

Regardless of the single-color LED, two-color or three-color screen, want to display images need to constitute a pixel of each LED's brightness must be able to adjust the adjustment of the fine is the gray level of the display. The higher the grayscale, the more detailed the displayed image, the richer the color, and the more complicated the display control system. General 256 gray scale image, the color transition has been very soft, and 16-level grayscale color images, the color transition boundary is very obvious. Therefore, the current requirements are made of color LED screen 256 to 4096 gray.

LED light-emitting material used in the display screen has the following forms:

LED lighting (or single lamp) generally consists of a single LED chip, reflective cup, metal anode, metal cathode composition, outsourcing has a condenser condenser epoxy resin shell. Can be one or more (different colors) single lamp constitutes a basic pixel, due to high brightness, and more for outdoor display.

LED dot matrix module consists of a number of chips constitute the light-emitting matrix, with epoxy resin in the plastic shell. Suitable for the ranks of scanning drive, easy to form a high-density display, and more for indoor display.

SMD LED light (or SMD LED) is the LED light-emitting paste the form of package, can be used for indoor full-color display, can achieve a single point of maintenance, to effectively overcome the mosaic phenomenon.


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