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What aspects need to consider when purchase outdoor full color led display
Jul 08, 2017

Outdoor LED display in the choice must consider the following:

1, brightness: (indoor screen brightness than the outdoor screen to several times lower than several times; the indoor display on the outside as the TV on the outside as the brightness is not enough)

What are the brightness requirements for the screen body?

General brightness requirements are as follows:

(1) Indoor:> 800CD / m2

(2) semi-indoor:> 2000CD / m2

(3) outdoors (sitting north and south):> 4000CD / m2

(4) outdoors (south facing):> 8000CD / m2

2, the environment: outdoor screen to be anti-rain, anti-sunlight, dust, high temperature, wind, lightning, etc., and indoor screen is no need to consider these issues

3, viewing distance: according to the distance to see the distance to choose a different pitch LED display, not only in the brightness can be better control, more cost savings, to avoid unnecessary waste.

4, the user needs to play what?

You can choose what you want to play the content, or want to achieve the playback effect to select the appropriate self-LED display.

(1) text display: depending on the size of the text and the need for resolution;

(2) ordinary video display: 320 × 240 dot matrix;

(3) digital standard DVD display: ≥ 640 × 480 dot matrix;

(4) complete computer video: ≥ 800 × 600 dot matrix;

5, power consumption

Power consumption - this is a lot of people are concerned about the problem, outdoor LED display (full color) of the maximum power consumption of about 800W / square or so, that is when the outdoor LED display every moment to reach the maximum power (peak ), The power consumption per square hour will be 0.8 kWh, but not all of the LED outdoor display work will peak, because when the screen all the lights (RGB three colors of light) are lit and Are the brightest time LED household display will reach the peak.When the outdoor LED display normal play an animation when the power consumption is only about 65% of the maximum power consumption, so the outdoor LED display per square hourly consumption If the amount of electricity is 0.8KW * 65% = 0.52 degrees. If you count 100 square meters of outdoor LED display power consumption (12 hours per day to play) is: 12 * 30 * 12 * 100 * 0.52 = 224640 kWh electricity. Even if the cost of electricity by one yuan, the outdoor LED display used by the electricity costs of about 22 million, so root acumen temperature and viewing distance to select the appropriate display in the cost control is particularly important.

6, the service life:

This should look from several aspects.

①, materials: including LED chips, PCB board, IC, etc .. At present, foreign brands in the LED lighting and the quality of Nichia is very good, but the price is generally higher than the domestic 4-5 times. Good crystal, dry, blue and green more choice Shi Lan and Hua Can, followed by Guanglei and other manufacturers, IC accumulation of IC prices will be higher, followed by the domestic far and Ming Wei, etc. PCB board also has Double layer four layers of the points, select the big brand PCB board manufacturers are also crucial.

Then the combination of these materials about how long life? Here I provide a relatively high cost combination: chip with Taiwan wafer and Hangzhou Silan, IC with the accumulation of 5020, PCB board with Ji Tao, this combination Life expectancy for 11 years (ideally), but there are some external conditions, such as waterproof shockproof dust, so if it is outdoor LED display, then it is best to choose through the IP65 certification level manufacturers.

②, process: Now some LED display manufacturers are using hand-made, and even many manufacturers of LED display is actually looking for someone else's own production capacity is not their own (this kind of manufacturers do not consider the best cost-effective Will be too high), LED display is not handicrafts, so good manufacturers must have a complete mechanized production line.For example, now the mainstream outdoor products - outdoor straight lights full color, if the user inserted LED lights and patch, The cost down but will have a lot of problems, and if the manual light or patch, then the workers work long time there will be a lot of human error, such as Weld and the flatness of the whole screen is not good, from the current LED industry Development trend, the manual plug-in will be gradually eliminated by the market. So it is recommended to buy LED display when they must go to see their factory assembly line, which is the most direct way.One point is that LED display manufacturers must have a strict quality control system. But with a fully mechanized production line is not enough, the production of mechanical quality is also an important factor affecting the quality of LED display, where I provide several important production machinery varieties and brands. ① placement machine ② plug machine ③ wave soldering ④ Reflow, filling machine, the whole light machine, the most important of which is the placement machine and plug light machine wave soldering machine, some factories in the SMD patch, the patch process is different, when the patch straight Of the placement machine from the speed is certainly faster than the irregular machine patch, but from the late mixed color effect, but far less than the effect of irregular patch products.

From the above two aspects of materials and processes can be seen in the purchase of LED display must be asked to go to the factory to visit, observe the production line and quality control, to see whether it is handmade or part of the hand-made factories and can provide relevant Product certification, such as CE, FCC, 3C and so on.

After considering the above factors, let's take a look at the definition of the IP rating of the degree of protection. The IP (INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION) protection system is designed by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL) in the LED industry application. COMMISSION). The lamps according to the characteristics of dust and moisture to be graded. The foreign objects referred to herein contain tools, human fingers and so on are not exposed to the live part of the lamp, so as not to electric shock.

IP protection is composed of two digits:

The first number indicates the dust from the dust, to prevent the intrusion of foreign objects

The second digit indicates that the lamp is moisture-proof, the degree of sealing of the water intrusion, the larger the number indicates the higher the degree of protection

The first marked number definition:

0 No protection: no special protection for people or objects outside

1 to prevent more than 50mm of solid objects Intrusion: to prevent the human body (such as the palm of your hand) due to accidental access to the interior parts of the lamp. To prevent large size (diameter greater than 50mm) of foreign objects intrusion.

2 Prevents intrusion of solid objects larger than 12mm: Prevents human fingers from touching parts inside the fixture to prevent foreign objects from medium size (12mm in diameter).

3 to prevent more than 2.5mm of solid objects Intrusion: to prevent the diameter or thickness of more than 2.5mm tools, wires or similar details of small objects intrusion and access to the interior parts of the lamp.

4 to prevent more than 1.0mm of solid objects Intrusion: to prevent the diameter or thickness of more than 1.0mm tools, wires or similar details of small objects intrusion and contact with the internal parts of the lamp.

5 dust: completely prevent foreign objects intrusion, although not completely prevent dust from entering, but the amount of dust intrusion will not affect the normal work of the lamp.

6 dust: completely prevent foreign objects intrusion, and can completely prevent dust from entering

The second number is defined

0 No protection: no protection.

1 to prevent drip intrusion: vertical drops of water droplets (such as condensate) on the lamp will not cause harmful effects.

2 when tilting 15 degrees can still prevent the infiltration of water: when the light from the vertical tilt to 15 degrees, the drip on the lamp will not cause harmful effects.

3 to prevent the water from entering the water intrusion: rain, or to prevent the water with the angle of less than 60 degrees in the direction of the water sprayed into the lamp damage.

4 to prevent splash of water intrusion: to prevent the direction of the splash of water into the lamp caused damage.

5 to prevent the injection of water intrusion: to prevent the injection of water from the nozzle from the nozzle into the lamp damage.

6 to prevent the invasion of large waves: installed on the deck of the lamps and lanterns, to prevent the invasion caused by the waves into the damage.

7 to prevent immersion in water when the water: the lamp immersed in water for a certain time or water pressure below a certain standard to ensure that no damage caused by water.

8 to prevent submerged water intrusion: indefinite sinking of the lamp in the designated water pressure conditions, to ensure that no damage caused by water

At present, LED industry outdoor lighting and display waterproof box in the factory test can be achieved on both sides of the IP65 screen body are known as outdoor waterproof screen, the following we look at the outdoor waterproof screen used by the structure:

Conventional outdoor straight lights full color screen is: outdoor module plus closed box structure after treatment composed of outdoor waterproof display box, waterproof display box assembled into outdoor full color. So that the display box is the basic unit that makes up the display body. Using the box structure, one is easy to schedule, aging, on-site maintenance; the second is to facilitate packaging, transportation; third is the site installation and demolition convenient. Display box in front with a display module, the box is fixed inside the display drive circuit board. The switching power supply is mounted on the rear cover of the box. In the box on the back cover is also installed with a fan, punching a hundred windows and so on. The box adopts inner and outer surface spray treatment, with anti-corrosion, moisture, oxidation, flame retardant and other functions, for the display body to provide security protection. On the display structure, the first module should be outdoor waterproof module, the second module should be painted on the back of three anti-paint, third, the box should be waterproof box, the seal is better, you can do waterproof test The surface of the display is sprinkled. After a number of tests, the outdoor waterproof cabinet IP protection level to achieve IP65 in order to achieve the true sense of the water, and the other parts of the box parts perishable parts of the body part of the metal column, circuit boards, terminals, Water-sensitive components for the circuit board, electronic components pin. Other parts of the kit, are engineering plastics (polycarbonate), epoxy, rubber, etc., are not sensitive to water vapor.

From the current market demand point of view, more users in the display body of the box structure began to have more requirements, the indoor display also began to thin, easy to dismantle the development of the box, but from a professional point of view, Indoor screen box is not completely closed, thin will be able to play a waterproof effect, like your computer chassis, the box structure is only play a dust, anti-foreign matter and other effects, if a large area of water, will cause internal damage, And the space is too small, is not conducive to heat. So the specific protection function of the display depends on the factory IP level to decide. And the indoor display in the box selection can be selected according to the actual situation on it. Such as fixed wall installation of the display, the ordinary simple box on it, in terms of heat dissipation and other aspects than the thin closed box is more applicable.

With the diversification of stage performances and other programs, the stage dedicated LED display to promote the development of LED rental screen, because the packaging process is different, but also generally determines the use of the screen body, such as the full color of the lamp is generally applicable to the outside, The current minimum point spacing of PH10mm, and the indoor full color screen you can choose: surface-paste three-in-one full-color and dot matrix integration triple play, the world of these two indoor full color minimum spacing of PH4mm, and the surface paste Color point spacing can do PH3mm the company is also small, until 2012, Guangzhou International LED exhibition only Konka company to break through the ultra-small point spacing PH2.2mm, these conceptual products in addition to show the company's R & D strength, because Expensive, and can not be accepted by the market. So the mainstream products are still PH4mm spacing above products, as well as the current market P12.5, P13 net color and so on. Surface paste product packaging technology SMD3528, SMD5050, SMD2121, SMD2020 and so on. But SMD chip packaging process determines the surface mount products do not have high resistance and waterproof performance, because the SMD lamp pin is short, even if the filling glue, can only be a very thin layer, such as the lamp into the water, will Resulting in short circuit and other phenomena, peripheral protection (such as irrigation, plus mask, etc.) can only play a short protective effect, is not really sense of water, it can only recommend indoor or protective semi-outdoor conditions apply. Dot matrix integration triple play, is composed of 8 * 8,4 * 4 pixels to form a small module, dot matrix module of each pixel has red, green and blue three chip package, filling the ring Oxygen resin glue plus the package shell structure module, and then by the module row of welding on the PCB, after filling the composition of the processing unit lattice plate, dot matrix pin can play the role of light drive separation, a font package Of the process can increase the dot matrix product color mixing effect and perspective, the general lattice product visual effect is softer, the human eye more easily adapt, up and down and left and right angle can reach 140 degrees. But the color brightness on the surface and single-lamp products slightly worse, the relative cost than the surface paste products cheaper. Dot matrix products due to the special characteristics of the packaging process surface can be done indoor display can also be the same as the line lamp products for outdoor display, outdoor display looks more beautiful, the relative cost is higher than the full color of the lamp, the direct sunlight In the brightness slightly lower than the full color of the straight, according to the actual needs of the situation to choose.

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