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Wedding of LED display screen
May 06, 2016

1, played by newcomer before the newcomer to the hotel wedding photos and components of the growth of electronic photo albums.2, the couple came to the restaurant, LED on the big screen when playing new jieqin just happened at once highlights, guests can clear LED picture new jieqin joy in the process.3, in the ceremony through the LED play with wedding links support for dynamic and static images, these images can be a cinematographic material, can also be a good video, you can also play three-and two-dimensional animation, makes wedding more beautiful wedding set, make your wedding more touching, let guests get to enjoy beauty4, the use of LED large screen available for advance for new MV, guests and distant expiration guests wishes, new houses, licensing of video, more profound cultural connotation in the wedding.5, LED large-screen wedding camera equipment connected through LED to the details of the wedding show, more clearly see the details of the wedding guest, can watch more of the wedding.6 LED devices, and advanced digital broadcast system, the couple after the wedding, wedding disc can be seen right away.7, live sand painting performances, live webcast, live draw.8, multi-screen linked grand scenes.

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