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Outdoor LED display waterproofing tips and precautions
May 13, 2017

Waterproof and dustproof outdoor display is to have the most important features, rainy weather, such as about, heavy rain and hot weather repeated. The LED display lamp beads are MSD components (humidity sensitive devices), damp weather on the led display is a big challenge.

Rainy season outdoor LED display how waterproof waterproof?

First of all to choose a high degree of protection of the product, usually in the IP65 above the protection level. Outdoor led display itself in the environment than the indoor complex, not only to consider the wet problems, but also do waterproof and other rain maintenance work, especially in some rainy seasons and regions. Central China, the southwest region along the river mostly sultry sauna climate, high temperature, humidity, easy expansion of the device deformation; in southern China, the coastal climate for the salt fog, typhoon, fog and other bad weather, high temperature and humidity; Greet the rainy season, high temperature, humidity, small wind speed, lack of light, easy to mold mold.

If the screen body water, how to deal with?

In addition to the production of led display on the waterproof and moisture-proof, we may also encounter screen body in the warehouse accidental water situation. If the screen body water, we can follow the following methods:

1, with the fastest speed with a fan or other tools, the water led display screen screen completely dry.

2, will be completely dry after the screen body aging, the specific steps are as follows:

A, the brightness (all white) adjusted to 10%, power aging 8-12 hours.

B, the brightness (all white) adjusted to 30%, power aging 12 hours.

C, the brightness (all white) adjusted to 60%, power aging 12-24 hours.

D, the brightness (all white) adjusted to 80%, power aging 12-24 hours.

E, the brightness (all white) adjusted to 100%, power aging 8-12 hours.

Complete the above steps, led display screen body will be basically back to normal; but in the process also need to pay attention to the following:

1, do not have the water led display screen screen into the air box, so easy to break the LED lights.

2, in the warehouse when the water, the air box may have to water, and should be all the air box to the sun, to prevent moisture in the box after the container to the inside of the volatile.

3, all the water led display does not deal with the possibility of more or less affect the stability of the screen body, in the emergency process, the screen power may occur after the phenomenon of dead lights.

4, all the water led display screen body in the air box. More than 72 hours, the screen body is basically no repair value, please be careful.

In addition, whether it is indoor screen or outdoor screen, to avoid the destruction of the screen function of the most effective way is often used, the working state of the display itself will produce some heat, can some of the steam evaporated, so greatly reduced Dampness causes the possibility of short circuit. Therefore, the often used display screen, relatively less commonly used display humidity is much smaller. Xiaobian suggested that in the rainy and humid season LED screen display for at least once a week, at least once a month to open the screen once, lit for more than 2 hours.

High temperature and humidity area led display need to always open dehumidification

Good product use results and life can not be separated from careful maintenance. To remind you that the use of products in the rainy season must pay attention to the product when the waterproof and moisture-proof situation, beware of damage caused by the screen due to moisture and fire.

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