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LED display maintenance knowledge
Mar 10, 2017

LED display in the use of the process can not avoid some problems, in order to make the LED display longer life, we need to use the process in order to understand the LED display. The following is often the color of the electronics to analyze with you. The LED display screen includes: the computer control part, the display driving matrix, the LED display array, the power supply four big parts. 

where there are many problems where there are: 

1 interface issues. Phenomenon: computer information can not be displayed, check the cable 
2 power supply problems. LED display using a low-voltage high current power supply, and the ordinary DC power is not different from the 
3 driver issues. Each row or column is not displayed, that is, the corresponding driver circuit (chip) problem, the replacement can be 
4 display. Long term use of LED display may damage the aging, maintenance and replacement can be. 

LED display fault diagnosis and treatment: 

1, make sure your display is synchronous or asynchronous display screen; synchronous display display dependent display settings, the asynchronous display does not depend on the display settings; 
2, make sure your display is the display problem of partial or full screen display are the problem; 
local display is not normal to exclude the communication problems, generally can be identified is the display hardware failure, you should immediately contact us, to prevent the expansion of the fault; 
full screen display a variety of abnormal reasons: 
for synchronous display, you should confirm whether to change the display settings, communication is normal, sending is normal, then reception is normal; 
for asynchronous display, first of all should confirm the display parameters: hardware address Width, height, IP whether there is a change, if these parameters are correct, and then test the communication is normal, and finally determine whether the display control is normal. The 
display panel interface 
display screen is composed of a piece of a display unit board, the signal is transmitted through the flat cable 
. Unit board interface as pictured to the right: 
note: n = ground (GND) l = lock deposit (LAT or st) = clock (CLK) o = enable (OE) e = enable (/OE) 
R= red data g = green data u = blue data signal ABCD= H = decoding row signal f = suspended V=VCC)

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