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LED Street lamp industry to cool the domestic market into the winter period
May 06, 2016

LED energy-saving environmental protection, long service life and high light efficiency characteristics is known as fourth-generation green lighting. To solve the energy shortage in recent years, the Chinese Government vigorously support the LED lighting industry. Government support of the LED industry, directly reflected in downstream and upstream LED chip equipment LED street lighting. In early 2009, China's Ministry of science and technology to launch "ten cities" semiconductor lighting application and demonstration cities program, which covers Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, 21 developed cities in China. Policy support, LED Street lamp industry in China has grown rapidly, support program was launched, China LED Street lamp installation with average annual growth rate of more than 50%. Until the end of 2013, LED street lamps installed in the domestic market, China had reached 1.69 million. LED street lighting energy-saving projects in China to promote the beginning of business models mature, LED street lighting products at high prices and other factors, progress has been slow. 2011 "ten cities" entered its second stage, national LED lamp promotion began to have a certain effect, 2012-2013 as the business model to further mature, domestic demand for LED lights fast growth. Whole in terms of size, scale LED Street lamp sold in China beginning in 2011 is a fast-growing trend.

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