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LED module principle
Nov 30, 2016

LED module is the LED (light-emitting diode) arranged according to certain rules and then packaged together, together with a number of products consisting of water treatment is the LED module. The quadrilateral module may have a decorative structure on the main view for blurring the module splice boundaries. The utility model forms the dislocation short line from the viewpoint of vision and optics, and utilizes visual straightness and human eye vision to scan from the top to the bottom (or the left and right direction), and can not take two dislocations at the same time, Dislocation discontinuous short-term segment, which completely eliminates the gap between the modules formed by the LED display mosaic phenomenon.

LED modules are widely used in LED products, in terms of structure and electronics are also very different, simple is a circuit board with LED and the shell has become a LED module, the complex on the plus On some control, the constant current source and associated heat treatment make LED life and luminous intensity better.

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