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LED display use precautions
Dec 05, 2016

General use of the display should be noted:

First, the switch LED electronic display Note:

1. the switch sequence: When the screen: first boot, after the opening screen. Off screen: first 

off the screen, after the shutdown (first off the computer does not turn off the screen, will 

cause the screen to appear highlights, burn the lamp, the consequences are serious.

2. switch screen interval time is greater than 5 minutes.

3. the computer into the engineering control software, before opening the screen power.

4. to avoid the state in the whole white screen to open the screen, because at this time the 

system's maximum impact current. 

5. to avoid the state in the runaway screen, because the system at this time the impact of the 

current maximum.

A. the computer does not enter the control software and other procedures;

B. the computer is not powered;

C. control part of the power is not turned on.

6. the ambient temperature is too high or heat dissipation is not good, should be careful not to 

open the screen for a long time. 

7. part of the electronic display of a very bright line, it should be noted that in time off the 

screen, in this state should not be a long time to open the screen.

8. often the power switch on the screen trip, should promptly check the screen body or replace the 

power switch.

9. regularly check the attachment of solid. If loosening phenomenon, pay attention to timely 

adjustment, re-reinforcement or update hanging pieces.

10. according to the big screen display screen, control part of the environment, to avoid insect 

bites, if necessary, should be placed anti-rat medicine.

Second, the control part of the changes, changes in attention

1. the computer, control part of the power line zero, the fire can not be reversed, should be 

strictly according to the original location of the plug. If a peripheral is connected, it should 

be tested whether the enclosure is live.

2. mobile computers and other control equipment, power should be checked before the first 

connection line, whether the loosening of the control panel.

3. can not arbitrarily change the communication line, flat connection line location, length.

4. if found after moving short-circuit, trip, burning lines, smoke and other abnormal show, should 

not be repeated power test, should be timely to find the problem.

Third, the use of software precautions

1. software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, applications, software installation procedures, databases. 

Recommend the use of "a key to restore" software, easy to operate.

2. master the installation method, the original data recovery, backup.

3. master control parameter settings, basic data preset modification

4. skilled use of procedures, operation and editing.

5. regularly check the virus, delete unrelated data

6. non-full-time staff, do not operate the software system.

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