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LED display the role
Nov 24, 2016

LED display the role

1. Play a product promotion, to attract customers.

2. Play store decoration, improve the role of enterprise grade.

3. Play a lighting, unconventional role.

4. Play the role of universal knowledge. (Can be used to play small business information products, related industry knowledge)

5. Play the role of bulletin board. (Promotion, recruitment information release)

6. Play the role of contrast atmosphere. Through the display screen can play the leadership and a variety of VIP guests to come to visit, the guidance of the welcome words, a variety of major festivals and other celebrations.

7. Play a warning role, often used for road traffic LED navigation instructions.

Admittedly, the ultimate goal of businesses to establish billboards is to promote product information, to attract target customers, to the maximum extent possible to earn maximum profits. The LED billboard is to achieve this purpose is to become the first choice of corporate propaganda.

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