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LED display performance
Dec 01, 2016

High brightness

Red A1GaAsLEDs have higher luminous efficiency than GaAsP-GaP LEDs, and the lumen efficiency of the transparent-lined (TS) A1GaAs LEDs (640nm) is close to 10 lm / w, 10 times greater than red GaAsP-GaP LEDs. The high-brightness InGaAlP LEDs provide the same colors as the GaAsP-GaP LEDs: green (560nm), light green (570nm), yellow (585nm), yellow (590nm), orange (605nm), light red (640 nm) Transparent Substrate A1GaInP LED Luminous Efficiency Compared with other LED structures and incandescent light sources, the InGaAlP LED Absorber Substrate (AS) has a lumen efficiency of 101m / w and a transparent substrate (TS) of 201m / GaAs P-GaP LEDs are 10 to 20 times higher than the GaAsP-GaP LEDs in the wavelength range of -626 nm and 2-4 times higher than the GaAsP-GaP LEDs in the wavelength range of 560 to 570. The ultra-bright InGaN LEDs provide blue Lumens and green light, the wavelength range of 450-480nm blue, blue green for the 500nm, green for the 520nm; its lumens efficiency of 3-151m / w.Luminance efficiency of ultra-high brightness LED with a filter beyond the incandescent Lamps, can replace the incandescent lamp within 1w, and LED arrays can replace the power within 150w incandescent lamp.For many applications, incandescent light filters are used to get red, orange, green and blue, while the ultra- High-brightness LED can get the same color.AlGaInP materials and InGaN materials manufactured ultra-high brightness LED will be more (red, blue, green) ultra-high brightness LED chips together, without the filter can get a variety of colors Including the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and its luminous efficiency than incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps close to the luminous brightness has been higher than 1000mcd, to meet the outdoor all-weather, full color display needs, with LED color screen can The performance of the sky and the sea, to achieve three-dimensional animation.New generation of red, green and blue ultra-high brightness LED to achieve unprecedented performance, can achieve splicing display, BSV LCD splicing technology to achieve large screen high brightness display.

Large screen display

Large-screen displays are another huge market for ultra-bright LED applications, including: monochrome, two-color, and full-color displays for graphics, text, and numbers. The various uses of the LED display are listed in Table 2. Conventional large-screen active display generally use incandescent lamps, optical fibers, cathode ray tubes, etc .; passive display commonly used flop method. Table 3 shows the performance comparison of several displays. LED display has been subject to LED performance and color restrictions. Today, ultra-high brightness AlGaInP, TS-AlGaAs, InGaN LED has been able to provide bright red, yellow, green and blue colors, can fully meet the full-color large-screen display requirements. LED display can be assembled according to pixel size into a variety of structures, small pixel diameter is generally less than 5mm, monochrome display of each pixel with a T-1 (3/4) LED lights, two-color display of each pixel for the two-color T-1 (3/4) LED, the full color display requires three T-1 red, green and blue lights, or a multi-chip T-1 (3/4) LED lamp as a pixel . Large pixels are formed by combining a number of T-1 (3/4) red, green, and blue LED lights together. InGaN (480nm) blue, InGaN (515nm) green and ALGaAs (637nm) red LED lights as the LED display of the three primary colors, can provide realistic full color performance, and has a larger color range include: blue and green, , With the International Television System Committee (NTSC) provides the basic color range of television.

Product Features

(Red, green, blue) display unit box composition, red, green and blue 256 gray composition 16777216 kinds of colors, so that the electronic screen to achieve rich color display, high saturation, high saturation, high color, High-resolution, high-resolution dynamic images; Scope: Government Plaza, leisure square, bustling business center, advertising information release, commercial street, railway station, stadium (UNILUMIN Universiade).

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