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LED display correct installation method
Dec 27, 2016

Many people first contact with the LED display, more or less will find no way to start, get a 

half-day can not find the correct installation method, and sometimes even find the LED display 

installation method also did not dare to open your hands and feet installation. As a result, 

Xiao Bian to everyone to a LED display installation steps of science.

Led electronic display installation hardware steps:

1. Insert the DVI display card into the AGP jack, and then set the driver settings.

2. Insert the data card into the PDI socket on the motherboard (this is for data card users);

3. Will be installed above the two control DVI and AGP link together;

4. control lines connected with the serial port Rs232;

5. with the network card and receive cards connected to the specific number of projects under the 


6. Check that the connection is correct and set or power on.

Led electronic display software device

The installation method is as follows:

1. video card driver installation

The graphics driver CD into the CD-ROM drive, you can automatically enter the device state, follow 

the prompts can;

First install the DirectX8.1 driver and then install the final control panel.

2. playback software

Installation of large-screen dedicated play and set up software LED studio, or other control software;

Insert the application software CD that came with the screen into the CD-ROM drive, copy or install 

all the sequences to the computer.

3. after the completion of commissioning led electronic display installed successfully!

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