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LED display application development environment: emerging strategies
May 06, 2016

The attention and support of the Government: the State Department deployed strategic emerging industries, regardless of new energy and new materials, and so on, are highly relevant. In 863, while 25 issues between the Ministry of science and technology science and technology support program, information technology development fund provides support. Ministry of science and technology and come up with some money to boost chip, package, is the development of upstream, and 863 projects and science and technology support project was launched. The State Department "Twelve-Five" national strategic industry development planning referred to cultivate a new generation of semiconductor materials focusing on special; local governments at all levels also attached great importance to the development of the industry. Industrial environment: in the adjustment of industry structure in continuous improvement and rationalization, specialization, industry chain form of LED products, industry has been increasing. More and more applications need LED intelligent display screen of escort, multidisciplinary cooperation is necessary, so as to jointly promote. Work together to improve market focus.

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