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Intelligent LED screens--to smart home
May 06, 2016

2016 is the "Thirteen-Five" plan of starting year, full implementation year of 2025 is also made in China. The made in China 2025 calls, to advance the digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing as the starting point, accelerating the building automatic control and sensing technology, industrial and intelligent services platform, industrial manufacturing, such as new foundations of the Internet, foster manufacturing new models, new formats and new products. At present, encapsulated in the Middle LED display industry has been basically automate production, the lower degree of automation, intelligent applications is also strengthening, new intelligent products and application solutions deserve attention. As technology further enhancing higher demands and the display, intelligent application of LED display screen will gradually into more markets, high-end people enjoy the new display and control device. The future of intelligent LED display will show their talents in the media industry. With traditional LED display is different, intelligent LED display can store large amounts of text message, via the built-in microprocessor to control the display of text, fonts, time display function, and so on. From traditional electronic displays "line", and make it more market-oriented, its "floating" display characteristics of more respected by the advertising industry.

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