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Indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor LED display
Nov 24, 2016

Indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor LED display

(1) according to the use of the environment is divided into

Indoor screen area is generally less than 1 square meter to 10 square meters, indoor LED display in the indoor environment, the display brightness is moderate, large viewing angle, color distance, light weight, high density, suitable for closer viewing .

Outdoor screen area is generally from a few square meters to dozens or even hundreds of square meters, the density is more dilute (mostly 2500-10000 points per square meter), luminous brightness in the 5500-8500cd / square meter (different, brightness requirements) Direct use of conditions, viewing distance of tens of meters away, the screen body has a good wind and rain and lightning protection capability.

Between the outdoor and indoor semi-outdoor screen between the two, with high luminous brightness, can be used in non-direct sunlight outdoors, the screen body has a certain seal, usually in the eaves or window.

(2) by color is divided into monochrome, dual color, three primary colors (full-color)

Monochrome refers to the display is only one color of light-emitting materials, mostly single red, in some special occasions can also be used yellow-green (such as funeral home).

Two-color LED display consists of red and green LED lights, 256 gray-scale dual-color display can display 65,536 colors (two-color screen can display red, green and yellow colors).

Full-color LED display consists of red, green and blue LED lights, can display white balance and 16,777,216 colors.

(3) according to the control or use of sub-synchronous and asynchronous

Synchronous mode means that the LED display works in the same way as a computer monitor, and it maps the image on a real monitor with at least 30 field / sec update rate. It usually has a multi-grayscale color display Ability to achieve the effectiveness of multimedia advertising.

Asynchronous way refers to the LED screen has the ability to store and automatically play in the PC, edit the text and no gray-scale picture through the serial port or other network interface into the LED screen, and then automatically by the LED screen off-line player, Degree display capability, mainly used to display text information, you can multi-screen networking.

(4) by pixel density or pixel diameter divided

As the indoor screen LED dot matrix module specifications are relatively uniform so usually divided by the pixel diameter of the module are: ∮ 3.0mm 62500 pixels / square meter ∮ 3.75mm 44321 pixels / square meter ∮ 5.0mm 17222 pixels / square meter

Indoor SMD Pixels:

P1.58 400689 dots per square meter

Square meters

P2.0 250000 points / square meter

P2.5 160000 points / square meter

P3 111111 points / square meter

P4 62500 points / square meter

P5 40000 points / square meter

P6 27777 points / square meter

P7.62 17222 points / square meter

P8 15625 points / square meter

P10 10000 points / square meter

Outdoor screen pixel diameter and the number of pixels

P10 10000 points / square meter

P12.5 6400 points / square meter

P16 3906 dots per square meter

P20 2500 points / square meter

P25 1600 dots per square meter

P31.25 1024 points / square meter

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