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How to select indoor led display
Apr 01, 2017

        In recent years led display received a wide range of attention, the application of more and more. 

In particular, after the emergence of indoor led display, it has gradually penetrated into the people of 

all aspects of life, such as indoor large-screen TV display, a variety of performances of the exhibition

screen background and airport stations and other public information tips are And ultimately the

indoor display of the figure. However, in the end how to choose the indoor led display?

      Here are some ideas to help you choose the right led display:

        About the screen area to be selected: The size of the LED screen is related to the purchase. Under 

normal circumstances, if the choice of indoor LED display smaller and no more than 20 square meters, 

may consider the use of bracket form, if you want to select the display is too large more than 20 square

meters, it is recommended to use a simple box.

      If it is indoors, as a TV large screen display, need to consider the luminous brightness. Now the indoor 

led display is the use of static scanning technology using static latch scanning, the use of high-power 

drive, can fully guarantee the luminous brightness. But also according to the different brightness of the 

environment on the impact of light automatically adjust the brightness to get the best playback. In 

response to environmental trends should take full account of the requirements of indoor light, do not 

over-pursue the brightness.

      Finally, depends on the installation of the display environment, the installation environment may be

consumer customers choose an important factor in the indoor LED display. Select the LED display is 

installed in the conference room, or install the stage as a background screen; is to be fixed installation, 

or choose to need to install the mobile, carefully studied before you can choose to buy.

      Indoor led display is the recent emerging products, most people in the first choice when the general 

will only consider where the reputation of a good indoor led display. These are not very good grasp to 

find the right display. Now more and more attention to the indoor led display, its development trend 

can not be underestimated, then there will be a variety of different types of led display appears. At this 

point, we must combine the degree of brightness, the environment, the screen size and other aspects, 

carefully choose to consider.

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