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How to install led display
Jun 17, 2017

1. LED module can not be directly connected to AC power.

2. In the installation process can not be directly push the light directly.

3. After pasting double-sided adhesive, you must add glass glue and so on.

4. In order to prevent the connection line from the line seat on the easy off, the seat design barbs, if the insertion is not convenient, should be re-inserted. You must confirm that the cable has been firmly inserted, otherwise it will cause the future off.

5. Installation can not push, squeeze, die on the device, so as to avoid damage to the device, affecting the overall effect.

6. Blister words or box to install the module, try to use three, four-point line, as far as possible in the connection to the entire word or box to form a loop, or multiple circuits, that is, with red and black power The line connects the modules at the end of each stroke to the positive and negative terminals.

7. Power port outlet module series group number should not exceed 30 groups, otherwise the tail module because of the voltage attenuation, resulting in reduced brightness. Although the formation of the loop can avoid the occurrence of attenuation, but should not connect too many modules.

8. LED module without water treatment, installed in the font or box, should prevent the rain into the font or box.

9. Module spacing can be adjusted according to the brightness requirements, the best point of control per square meter between 40 to 70 groups.

10. When the power cord is connected to the cabinet, it must first be connected to the corresponding four or three groups by a four-point or three-point line. After the power cord into the box should play a larger knot, to prevent it from being pulled out of the strong.

11. Single branch length of 12 ~ m, respectively, 15 ~ m, according to the actual use. Tilted cable (with unused connecting thread) Apply glass glue to the plastic floor to prevent shading.

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