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How to improve the quality of full color LED display?
May 20, 2017

Full color LED display display directly related to the user, the audience, in order to get a perfect experience, need to control and improve the quality of led display. For the LED can only be used to these local, in a variety of advertising, play activities, corporate rallies, press releases, play play and other large-scale activities is essential, most companies are directly to the lighting audio rental company to rent, so For full-color LED display security and stability in the use of all the process is particularly important, especially in those who play the activities of the rental series. So, how to control and improve the quality of full-color LED display? Reflect the full color LED display dedicated LED quality is an important indicator of what?

1, the requirements of power supply stability, and ground protection is good, in the harsh natural conditions, especially strong lightning weather do not use. To avoid possible problems, we can choose passive protection and active protection, as far as possible to the full color display screen damage to the items away from the screen, and clean the screen as much as possible when gently wipe, the possibility of injury To the minimum. First turn off the led display, and then turn off the computer.

2, to maintain full color LED display using the environment humidity, do not let anything with moisture properties into your full color LED display. On the full color of the display screen with a large screen power, will lead to full-color display parts corrosion, resulting in permanent damage.

3, if for various reasons into the water, please immediately power off and contact maintenance personnel, until the screen after the display panel can be used after drying.

4, full color LED display switch sequence:

A: first open the control computer to normal operation and then open the led display large screen.

B: Recommended led screen large screen daily break time is greater than 2 hours, in the rainy season LED screen large screen for at least once a week. Generally open the screen at least once a month, lit for more than 2 hours.

5, do not play in a long time in full white, full red, full green, full blue and other full bright screen, so as to avoid the current is too large, the power cord fever is too large, LED lights damaged, affecting the display life.

6, do not arbitrarily disassemble, splicing screen! LED full color display screen and the relationship between our users the most closely, good cleaning and maintenance work is also very necessary.

7, a long time exposed to the outdoor environment, the sun, dust and other easy to dirty, for some time down, the screen is certainly a dust, which requires timely cleaning to prevent dust for a long time wrapped surface effects watch.

8, led large screen surface can be used to wipe the alcohol, or use a brush, vacuum cleaner for dust, can not be wiped directly with a damp cloth.

9, led large screen to be regularly checked whether the normal work, the line with or without damage, such as not to be replaced in a timely manner, the line is damaged or timely repair or replacement. Led display large screen internal lines, non-professionals to prohibit touch, so as not to electric shock, or cause damage to the line; if there is a problem, please professionals for maintenance.

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