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How to identify the LED screen is good or bad
Jan 11, 2017

1: flatness: LED flatness of the surface to be within ± 1mm, to ensure that the display image does not distort, local convex or concave will cause the viewing angle of the display screen corner. Car LED display manufacturers introduced flatness is mainly determined by the production process.

2: brightness and viewing angle: indoor full-color screen brightness to 800-2000cd / m2, outdoor full-color screen brightness to 5000-7500cd / m2, in order to ensure the normal work of the display, or because the brightness is too low or too High The displayed image is not visible. Brightness of the size of the LED die by the size of the crystal size to decide. The size of the viewing angle directly determines the number of display audience, so the angle the better. The size of the package by the die to determine the main.

3: white balance effect: white balance effect is one of the most important indicators of the display, color red, green and blue when the ratio of three primary colors to 1: 4.6: 0.16 will show a pure white, if the actual proportion of a little deviation There will be white balance deviation, generally pay attention to whether the white side of the blue, yellowish green phenomenon. Car LED display manufacturers introduce white balance is good or bad mainly to the display control system to determine the color of the die on the reduction also has an impact.

4: Whether the color of the color: color is the color of the adjacent module there is a more obvious color, the color of the transition to the module as a unit, causing color block phenomenon is mainly poor control system, gray level is not high , Lower scanning frequency caused.

5: color reduction: color reduction is the display of color reduction, both display the color display with the source color to maintain a high degree of consistency, so as to ensure the image of the realism.

6: Whether the mosaic, dead phenomenon: Mosaic is the display unit of the color of the module is not uniform effect, often bright or often small black square, the module necrosis, the main reason for the display screen The quality of the connectors used, however, off. Dead point refers to the screen appears on the regular light or often a single black point, the dead point of the number of die is mainly determined by the quality of the die.

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