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how to choose LED advertising display
Jun 02, 2017

In general, LED display with a clear font, low prices, the advantages of cluster control, shopping malls LED display main advertising promotions and other information, mainly to display text information, requiring low prices, so you can use P10 outdoor and semi-outdoor led Display; if you want to display good, you can use indoor P5, P6, P7.62, P8 full color display and outdoor P10, P12 full color display.

In addition to led screen prices and models of factors, but also from the following aspects of further screening:

1, brightness

Indoor general illumination environment recommended the use of indoor display.

Outdoor display should be used outdoor.

In the open hall, eaves, outdoor canopy or sunshine under the roof and other strong environment, it is recommended to use semi-outdoor led display.

2, display content

If you want to display pictures, video, then you should select the full color display.

If you play text, data, tables, three-dimensional graphics, animation, then you should choose a double-color color gray display;

If you play text, data, tables, two-dimensional graphics then you can choose dual-color display;

If you play text, data, form, then you can choose monochrome led display.

3, information capacity and viewing distance

Selecting the display must also consider a better viewing distance. More close to watch, you should choose the higher density of the led display; more remote viewing, you can choose the lower density of the led display, of course, select the display must also consider the information capacity and better viewing distance. The display shows that the content is infinite, but the content that appears on a picture is limited, and the display of each model has the best viewing distance.

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