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Small pitch LED future will become a big screen display of the mainstream
Apr 29, 2017

2016, the small distance LED on the domestic led display industry is the role of pulling the obvious, with the development of small pitch technology, in Guangzhou, 2017 exhibition, indoor small distance P1.5 products are almost everywhere, after the conventional significance On the small spacing is no longer a "monopoly" products, and P0.97, P0.6 and other micro-spacing products began to become the industry's hot technology trends, not long ago, "ultra-high density small pitch LED" was included in 2017 " Strategic advanced electronic materials, "the focus of special, it is to add a small distance to add a fire.

LED small pitch compared to the stitching market mainstream DLP and LCD technology, with three major advantages: unlimited splicing and no visual patchwork, to the consumer a very good sensory experience. Small spacing also has a brightness, contrast advantages brought about by the more high-quality display. After a long period of use, DLP and LCD splicing display module of the color difference will increase, it is difficult to post-adjustment, and small pitch late adjustment is more convenient, relatively low maintenance costs.

From the current market conditions, we can clearly see the ultra-small pitch for large-scale video conferencing, professional studio and security monitoring and other fields, the traditional display technology in terms of its irreplaceable advantages. With the LED display technology continues to improve, outdoor LED display also gradually boarded the high-definition stage, point spacing in further narrowing, the display screen is more delicate, very bright colors.

    LED industry prices continue to rise the biggest reason is the expansion of demand. In recent years, small-distance LED screen products market expansion, with the small-distance LED display applications in the field of continuous expansion, the future will be fully into the media, advertising, cinema and other commercial applications, is expected in 2018 small LED market size of nearly 10 billion, and In the next 3 years to maintain rapid growth. In the huge business opportunities, the domestic small-distance LED display companies have increased technology research and development, continued expansion of production capacity.

    Small pitch products are targeted at high-end applications, and products are highly expensive. In the technical support, small-distance LED display with bare intelligent applications, cloud platform control, naked eye 3D, VR and other technologies, display more unique ideas, attracting many users, to promote the LED small-distance display products to a larger market.

    LED small pitch is the technology upgrade, but there are also problems to be solved. The entire small distance LED cost is indeed much higher than the DLP, let alone and LCD than the. Second, the quality of the problem, there are some dead pixels, the two are troubled by its main reason. But from its development trend, it is also possible to replace the most effective DLP products, so that each manufacturer, especially in the LED manufacturers, but also to see the prospects of these markets, so in this piece of their investment is bound to spare no effort Of the strengthening, but DLP can see almost no business in the technical aspects of the in-depth investment. So that this can imagine, in the future should be said that the small pitch LED, has a very broad space for development, willing to do, willing to vote. So, it replaces or can replace most of the DLP, it is true that there is such a possibility. Then go down the words, and LCD products, the cost ratio, if it is quality, cost can be quite, then, is indeed a very terrible product. But the road is long, companies have to overcome so many difficulties, there are many uncertain factors. The prospect is beautiful, the road is twists and turns.

    LED small pitch display product applications, including video conferencing, display, advertising, command and dispatch, monitoring center.

    Small distance LED display and control system can achieve the entire monitoring command center system needs to display the various conditions of dynamic monitoring, at any time on a variety of collected monitoring signals, network signals and a variety of computer graphics information for multi-screen display and analysis , Can be intuitive, complete, accurate, clear and flexible display from all aspects of any information, easy to lead in time to make the correct command and decision-making, real-time monitoring and centralized command, unified control purposes.

    Small pitch LED system advantages are: seamless splicing, energy saving, dynamic, nanosecond response time, point by point correction, uniform brightness uniformity. For the LED display industry, small pitch LED is a very promising product. LED display industry to the entire project shows unprecedented changes in the industry. Since the advent of small-pitch LED display, aimed at the indoor high-end applications. This is a small gap in the large size can play more color, seamless and other advantages of the technical characteristics. With the small gap display technology continues to break, its large screen display market, the role of weight continue to strengthen, and to launch a multi-field impact, making the big screen market competition to further strengthen.

    In short, 2017, small-distance LED market continues to expand, the total profit rise, profit decline is expected. At the same time, from the technical and supply level, the industry upstream and downstream linkage will be more closely. Future small pitch LED will become the mainstream of large screen display!

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