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LED large-screen industry this year, price war will continue?
Apr 14, 2017

     2017 since the beginning of the year, LED display industry raw material prices as the industry as expected in previous years is expected to rise, especially in mid-February when the rally is scary, since March into raw material prices, out of stock situation intensified , According to industry analysts believe that: after the two sessions, PCB and other raw material prices will continue to rise.

    The upstream raw material round of price frenzy is no longer a "news" in the second half of 2016 industry experience "price tide" baptism, some industry insiders have said that the next terminal LED display product prices trend optimistic , By reason, whether it is standing in the industry point of view or the user's point of view, raw material prices will inevitably increase the cost of downstream LED display business pressure, reasonable range of price is undoubtedly the best way to transfer pressure, after 2017 in addition to Concerned about rising raw material prices, the action for the downstream screen enterprises, we are also always pay attention to the thought that soon after the LED screen enterprises will be able to usher in a wave of rational price increases, especially in March a screen business started The LED display screen opened the first year of the price of the first shot, announced its door series: single red, single white, single green, single blue, bright red color raised 3 yuan a collective, it is estimated that many people are waiting for this Shares downstream of the screen enterprises are the price of the wind more violent, but at this time, but one after another came the screen "price" of the wind, in the current raw materials skyrocketing environment, the downstream price of this price Trend, really do not understand ah!

Downstream screen prices are announced - the price!

    Then after entering in March, the reliable news that the current wholesale channels as the representative of the screen enterprises have been announced to cut prices, and some of the price cuts are not small, even the price of screen prices up to 10%! It seems to be playing for real ah.

    In general, either the market is not good, need to cut prices to stimulate the market, either enterprises to expand the scope of the market, by cutting prices to grab the market, or the scale of the chain reaction - you cut prices I only follow the drop from the current Industry development situation, small pitch / VR / 3D and other technology development in full swing, commercial display, leasing and other markets are rising, certainly not LED display market caused by bad. In fact, in the current LED display technology continues to deepen, mature, industry consolidation continues to intensify the situation, and when the trend of raw material prices, which for some of the strength of the screen is indeed a "higher level" is good Opportunities, because they have more money, capacity, channels and other aspects of support, so that they cut prices to none other customers, to further expand their market, so as to optimize their own industry chain, to create greater value for customers.

    On the other hand, the downstream strong price cuts also prompted more small and medium enterprises have to carry out their own production capacity, technology, channel construction and supply chain and other aspects of continuous optimization. As we all know, the current "big Hengda, strong Hengqiang" industry situation so that many small and medium-sized LED screen enterprises prefer to self-digest the pressure of raw material prices, do not want to easily price increases, has been bitterly, this set "price combined" to play down the rhythm is not terrible? If not from the R & D, production and sales of a comprehensive upgrade, I am afraid that "fierce Ji Ji less" the.

    Of course, all this is in the "benign price competition," the premise of the current trend of the price forecast is good, whether it is the upstream raw material prices or good, or downstream price cuts worth mentioning, so Xiaobian feel the most comfort of the companion The downstream price of the screen price surge is the price of the screen, the more attention to the quality of the product, and even a lot of screen enterprises came the product upgrades and industrial chain optimization of the message, it seems that we before the "vicious price war" Of the bitter fruit is still fresh in my memory, did not forget the quality of the screen on the head of the "magic spell"! But also hope to take regardless of whether the price war to upgrade, we can keep the quality of products as a top priority.

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