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China's LED industry investment boom faded, and gradually expanding to other sectors
May 06, 2016

LED industry investment overheating from the beginning in 2009, 2010, 2011 money into industries lead to overcapacity, after 2013, 2014 development industry slowly towards the smooth road. From the perspective of technology innovation, LED chip technology gap with international advanced level in our country more and more. LED industry development on the one hand reflect the Moore, on the other hand its application in other industries continue to expand, extend, for example, from an outdoor light penetrate to the biological and agricultural fields. 2015 LED over 25 industry mergers and acquisitions, cross-border mergers and acquisitions will become a trend, thus helping enterprises secure core technology and marketing channels. In the increasingly fierce competition stages, LED companies in the capital market with the help of conducting a wide range of layouts, mobile Internet as the next target will be impressive.

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