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Array control system, LED full color display control system
Dec 02, 2016

"Array" control system consists of a main control board, a number of sub-control board installed in the display box and the number of scanning panels, equivalent to each box in a control system used to control the use of this Structure to fully improve the reliability of the display and display the results in the effect of upgrading more clearly, a good solution to the high-grade LED display video playback frame frequency is not high, the gray level is insufficient, color uniformity is not good problem. The Bureau of Science and Technology Committee of experts identified the technology, the technology has reached the leading domestic and international level of similar products.

The birth of this generation of control system has improved the Yuanheng Optoelectronics in the screen control aspects of the technical superiority, and display signal processing technology has been further improved.

With the "array" control system, the first, you can display the frame frequency from 60Hz or so to 120Hz or more, much larger than the human eye resolution, people in the watch without any strobe and water ripple phenomenon Appears to improve the quality of the display.

Second, the display can be red, green and blue grayscale gray level from 256 to 1024, the color is more vivid, better color reproduction, the image display is more realistic.

Finally, the use of LDVS signal transmission, to maximize the loss of the signal to avoid, so that the entire display screen synchronization, to improve the consistency of the display, the entire screen without any color blocks appear.

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