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Analysis the difference of the gray of LED display
Aug 05, 2017

We often heard that the LED display is the number of gray, brightness is how much, then you LED display for the gray and brightness in the end know how much? Let us look at the following professionals to give the explanation. 

LED display gray scale is the so-called color or gray scale, is the brightness of the degree of brightness. For digitized display technology, grayscale is the determining factor in the number of colors. In general, the higher the gray scale, the display screen shows the richer the color, the picture is also more delicate, more rich performance details. LED display gray level depends mainly on the system A / D conversion bit. Of course, the system's video processing chip, memory and transmission system should provide the corresponding number of support. At present, the domestic LED display mainly uses 8-bit processing system, that is, 256 (28) level gray. Simple understanding is from black to white a total of 256 kinds of brightness changes. Using RGB primary colors can constitute 256 × 256 × 256 = 16777216 kinds of colors. That is commonly referred to as 16 megapixel. International brand display mainly uses 10-bit processing system, that is 1024-level gray, RGB three primary colors can constitute 1.07 billion color. Although gray is the deciding factor in determining the number of colors, it is not to say that the greater the better. Because the first person's eye resolution is limited, and then improve the system processing bit number will involve the system video processing, storage, transmission, scanning and other aspects of the changes, the cost surge, cost-effective but decreased. Generally speaking, civil or commercial grade products can use 8-bit system, broadcast products can be used 10-bit system.

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