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Analysis of situation and development trend of Chinese LED display
May 06, 2016

In recent years, as technology continues to progress, LED display industry is gradually emerging and growth, all kinds of displays are numerous over the years. In this process, constantly improve the level of China's LED industry, continues to expand the scale, made a series of encouraging results. A late start due to China's LED industry, lack of core patent technology development more difficult, but China's LED industry starting from the low end of the market, only the scale of today. China's LED display applications market: size, scale of LED display market in China is growing, the 2013 national LED display industry market of total 27 billion yuan. In 2014, the benefit from the small dot pitch products and advertising media market development, national LED display applications market sales in 2013-new growth, total market reach 30 billion yuan for the year, the growth rate rising. 2014 exports LED display application products maintain good posture, estimates display exported 5 billion yuan.

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