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Advantages of Outdoor LED Display
Dec 15, 2016

LED display as outdoor media hot products, there are four major advantages:

1. advertising content update speed

Advertising operators and publishers can update the LED display advertising content, only need to 

operate the control computer, the update process is not subject to other external conditions. 

According to statistics, the average monthly update large led display once the advertising content, 

and small led display at least three to five days more than a week will be replaced once the 

advertising content.

2. publishing information is simple and convenient

LED display is a computer monitor, through the data cable connection or wireless communication with 

the computer connection, as long as the computer in a simple setting, you can use to publish 

advertising content, convenient and fast.

3. various forms of advertising

LED display is usually set up more people flow of public places, traffic arteries to intuitive, image,

 vivid form of advertising to attract the active attention of the audience, a wider range of more than 

the traditional media is more mandatory watch. In addition to outdoor advertising, but also release 


4. energy saving and environmental protection

LED display energy-saving environmental protection, all-weather work, fully adapt to a variety of harsh 

outdoor environment, with anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture, lightning, seismic overall performance,

 cost-effective, good performance and other characteristics.

For the future, with the development of LED display technology, 3G communication technology and other 

innovative transmission technology will also be applied to the field of outdoor media, the future LED 

display outdoor advertising will bring us more exciting.

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